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The repeatability of computed tomography lung volume measurements: Comparisons in healthy subjects, patients with obstructive lung disease, and patients with restrictive lung disease

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Measurements of lung volume are useful for diagnosing and stratifying lung diseases. Moreover, the lung volume can help predict postoperative lung function in patients with chronic lung diseases who are considering lung transplantation or lung volume reduction surgery.

CT lung


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Volume CT Dose Index and Dose-Length Product Displayed during CT: What Good Are They?

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The average medical radiation effective dose to the U.S. population in 2006 was estimated at approximately 3.0 mSv, an increase of 600% in a single generation. Computed tomography (CT) alone accounts for approximately half of this medical radiation dose. Ongoing advances suggest that CT will continue to be the most important contributor, by far, to medical doses in the United States. The use of ionizing radiation in medical imaging, including CT, provides valuable diagnostic information that undoubtedly benefits many patients. Exposure to radiation, however, is currently believed to carry a small, but nonzero, risk. 


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Incremental value of SPECT/CT over planar bone scan in the evaluation of skull base osteomyelitis: A potentially fatal disease in diabetics

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A 55-year-old male diabetic patient presented to the ENT clinic with symptoms of severe earache and dizziness that progressively increased over 3 weeks. He also had low grade fever for the last 5 days. He was diabetic since 14 years, and on 20 units of insulin/day for the last 8 years. He also had history of left foot pain and swelling since last 2 years. A planar bone scan done with 20 mCi (740 MBq) 99m Tc-MDP using a GE Mill VG dual head gamma camera with acquisition in the continuous mode at a speed of 15 cm/min showed no obvious abnormality in the skull base region