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Incremental value of SPECT/CT over planar bone scan in the evaluation of skull base osteomyelitis: A potentially fatal disease in diabetics

A 55-year-old male diabetic patient presented to the ENT clinic with symptoms of severe earache and dizziness that progressively increased over 3 weeks. He also had low grade fever for the last 5 days. He was diabetic since 14 years, and on 20 units of insulin/day for the last 8 years. He also had history of left foot pain and swelling since last 2 years. A planar bone scan done with 20 mCi (740 MBq) 99m Tc-MDP using a GE Mill VG dual head gamma camera with acquisition in the continuous mode at a speed of 15 cm/min showed no obvious abnormality in the skull base region

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